Eva Shelly

Eva Shelly - Co-Founder and CEO

Eva has a B.A. Sociology, Anthropology & Human Resources from Haifa University.
Eva is an IDF Major specializing in Human Resources. She has over 6 years' experience in marketing, sales and training in Hi-Tech.

Eva co-founded Shelly Tech with husband Asaf in the vision of bringing their combined experience to a wider range of customers.

Feel free to contact Eva Shelly on LinkedIn.

Asaf Shelly - Co-Founder and CTO

Asaf is an internationally recognized technical leader.

He has a track record of over 14 years' developing and delivering precise and technologically diverse solutions.

Asaf has consulted for a variety of clients ranging from small start-up's to enterprise organizations in fields such as Medical, Security, Military etc.

Asaf specializes in:

  • Leading Expert in Parallel Computing

  • Experienced Device Drivers Developer

  • Windows Embedded Trainer

  • Server Development and Architecture

  • Medical Devices

  • Image Processing Algorithms

  • Project Management

For more details, feel free to follow Asaf's Intel Blog or join his Multicore Group on LinkedIn  .

More about Asaf, in Hebrew, on Asaf's personal site.


Asaf is one of 30 Microsoft MVP in Israel. With over 10 years experience in the area of Digital Media and Technical Computing (HPC)



Asaf is one of 10 Intel Black-Belts world wide who are not Intel Employees. Asaf's award is in the area of Parallel Computing.