Photo Touch


Shelly Tech Photo Touch is available as an App on Intel's AppUp Store

Photo Touch is an advanced photo editing tool and is best used on Multi-Touch devices. It is still possible to operate Photo Touch using Mouse or laptop's Touchpad but the best experience is when using a touch screen device. Most features can be activated using one finger on your touch screen.

The image above is a screen-shot of the main window of the App. There are six buttons each with a name and an icon. The icon hints the Gesture which replaces the button.

Start Swipe fast from left to right Start using the App: go to the Photo Selection page  
Last Swipe fast from top left to bottom right Go back to continue editing the selected photo  
Open Swipe fast from bottom left to top right Open a saved project file  
Manage Swipe fast from right to left Manage App resources such as custom pattern images  
WWW Swipe fast from top right to bottom left Use online resources  
Options Swipe fast from top to bottom Configure the App's Options and Settings  

The welcome screen includes the following features:


Command Click the button for the action Available only on the welcome screen  
Navigation Click to navigate to another page Left, Up, Home (welcome screen), Down, Right. This is visible on any page by moving the mouse on the Navigation Hint bars  
Navigation Hint Click to navigate to the side of the bar This is visible at all times. There is a bar for each side (up, down, left, right). Gray bar neans that there is no page on that direction. Blue bar means page available on that direction  

Use the navigation Gestures and buttons to move between App pages. This describes the App's page map:

Welcome Main App page Go Right for image selection  
Image Selection Find and select a Photo Go Left to welcome page or Right to edit selected photo. Go Up / Down to browse for a photo within the My Pictures folder  
Marker Mark areas Go Left for image selection, Up for Photo View and Down for Styler  
Styler Manipulate selected areas Go Left for image selection, Up for Marker and Down for Photo View  
Photo View View product and save Go Left for image selection, Up for Styler and Down for Marker  

Standard Procedure

  • Starting with the Welcome Page, go right to Photo Selection. Go down (and up) to find the photo that you want to edit and click it.
  • Clicking the photo will automatically go to Marker page.
  • Mark the edges using your finger (or mouse with left button held down)
  • When the area is fully enclosed and you have surrounded the area completely double-tap (or double-click) anywhere within that area.
  • This will create an Area item. Click the Area item to select it.
  • This will automatically shift to the Styler page.
  • You can select any Area item. Slide your finger on the screen to the left or to the right (or click the mouse left button and drag while holding it down).
  • This will change the pattern.
  • Use two fingers to zoom in and out (or use the mouse wheel). This will zoom in and out of the pattern.
  • Manually go down to Photo View page to see the photo you have created.
  • On the Photo View page Swipe from top-left to bottom-right to save the new photo.
  • Saving the photo will write the name of the new file on the page for a few seconds.
  • The files are saved to the My Pictures folder, into a subfolder called "Shelly Tech Photo Touch"


  • For best results it is better to mark an area by going outside the area and not inside the area.
  • You can select an area and edit it, then save the photo and open the new photo to select another area.
  • It is possible to create many Area items and then move between them in the Styler page.
  • Use Pan (two-fingers-swipe) to browse fast between the photos in Photo Selection page.
  • To Undo a mark on the Marker page draw a circle fast, counter-clockwise. Keep rotating to undo again.

Demonstration Video

Watch the demo of Shelly Tech Photo Touch on YouTube.

Shelly Tech Photo Touch on Intel's AppUp Store

Original Concept of Shelly Tech Photo Touch on Code Project